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Samuel Tweed Fabrics was founded by the Tweed family who still farm the Bolster Moor area of Huddersfield to this day. Like many farmers at the turn of the 20th Century, the Tweed family used the wool stock from their farm in their small weaving mill for the manufacture of textiles, including travelling rugs for the rapidly growing motoring fraternity. With Huddersfield having the largest concentration of Rolls Royces in the world, by the late 1940’s due to the wealth of the mill owners, business thrived.

In 1950 the company was sold to Taylor and Briggs and over the intervening years other products areas were added including floor rugs, scarves, and stoles. And by the mid 1950s apparel fabrics were being shipped to the top fashion houses of Europe. In 1953 the business was re located to the south side of Huddersfield at Whitley Willows where its iconic mill-pond and black swans was a familiar destination for the world’s top fashion designers. In the early 1970s the regal fibre Mohair was introduce into the collection for the first time. The name Samuel Tweed has been synonymous with luxury mohair ever since.  In 2005 Whitley Willows announced that they were going to concentrate     exclusively on home textiles and that the Samuel Tweed division would not continue. Design Director John Harrison, who had designed and marketed the Samuel Tweed fabrics range for more than 25 years, saw an opportunity to acquire the brand. John now designs the collection in his studio in Yorkshire and the fabric is manufactured solely in the UK.